How do SoundCloud royalties work through Symphonic?

In order to begin collecting SoundCloud Royalties with Symphonic, we need to make sure our clients have opted into our SoundCloud Distribution Services. The quickest way to opt in is within your SymphonicMS account. To do so, click on Rights → SoundCloud. – Next, you’ll be prompted to fill out our SoundCloud Distro service opt-in.

To ensure everything goes smoothly during this process, you’ll need to do things like:

  • Send over your SoundCloud Profile URL so we can map your releases correctly and correct traction is tracked.
  • Send over your SoundCloud Profile URL so we can allowlist your profile.

There’s a much more that goes into this process, which is why we wrote a whole article that breaks down every step. Check out, “How SoundCloud Royalties Work Through Symphonic” to learn everything you need to know.